It is well known that, as a supporting experiment for proving a theory a truth should be reliable, and its verifying procedure should be solemn with strict mathematics and physical logic. At the same time all possible explanations by other theories should be eliminated.

At present every body knows the theory of relativity and thinks it is a great achievement in modern physics and a classical truth. In this book I just want to show some evidence and tell the reader that the famous relativity, actually is a false theory with lots of careless data and omissions in its experimental calculations, actually it has not been proved by even one reliable experiment; conversely it has too much contra-evidence. When you take the dark matter existence into consideration you will find that mentioned above is an appearance of fact. 

Fortunately I havent immersed in the wrong premises of relativity, or believed readily those false experiments or evidence of the relativity and gone further away along the grossly absurd relativistic results. But I started the research about the WG theory, and worked thoroughly more than 30 years to study and calculate the nature of light propagation and the essential mechanism of basic physical interactions.

    The so-called WG theory has been established and presented in this book. 

I got some help from famous physicists in China who is also famous all over the world in physical academia. I appreciate all those contributors to this work and especially those who helped me to check that WG theory is right in the major principles and mathematical operations.

Maybe one day people will find that my research results of the WG theory are involved in some great subjects of modern physics and show a correct vision. All honour from this research belongs to my great motherland, the great China because the government gave me a great support and some great chances to develop my research on the WG theory when I stayed in China.   

For challenging the false theory of relativity I am now attaching the special chapter as below. This already published on the web site