Chapter 3 



Based on sufficient and irrefutable evidence of physics this paper is announcing that the relativistic concept about space-time has a serious error in the domain of modern physics. Examples are given bellow. 

3.1 Carelessness and omissions in calculations of major relativistic experiments    

            The infraction caused by the ionic molecules or plasma gas surrounding the sun has been ignored in experimental calculations for verifying that light deflects in gravitational field surrounding the sun. On the basis of this experiment the relativists have asserted that the gravitational field acts on space and time and bends their axes. Stranger still is that the result of the deflection value is twice that of the theoretical value from relativity, also twice that of the gravitational deflection value. Even Einstein thought that the half value was caused by the gravitational effect. But all research related to relativity has always ignored this half value from its observation.

3.2 All experiments of relativity are actual contra-evidence in thinking of the existence of dark matter.

In astrophysics it has been proved that the universal vacuum actually is filled with a kind of gravitational substance so called the “dark matter”. Its total mass is about 95% of the universal mass. Physicists have found that  “dark matter” is composed of “some-rino”, its level of mass order is similar or smaller than the neutrino. This greatest discovery reveals all experiments of relativity to be contra-evidence in itself. For example, in the movement of Mercury in a 100 years period the resistance caused by “dark matter” has been ignored in all theoretical calculations.

 3.3 Physical phenomena of moving particles in dark matter

Of course scientists in that era did not have enough knowledge about “dark matter” so had to assert that light is pure energy and propagates in the space of the universe without any carrier or medium. With our current knowledge of “dark matter” and hydromechanics we can state that when an object or a particle moves in “dark matter” its mass, its lifetime and its frequency should vary with its velocity. To understand this easily and clearly you can see from the common phenomenon that the speed of a falling rain drop is faster and this quickly increases the raindrops mass...Almost no other experiment can really prove that relativity is conclusive.  

3.4 A converse observation results in “relativistic clock effect” to predict the value of relativity

    We can all accept that all results ratiocinated from premises of relativity only relate to the relative movement between two inertial systems. However the results of those experiments on the relativistic clock effect relate to the practical movement between the two inertial systems. The two results are converse to each other in the experiment of the clock effect. From this essential difference a debate in academic circles about the relativistic paradox was raised and unexpectedly disposed of this matter carelessly. Further more the frequency of  the atomic clock should be determined by composite force, so that the correct result of these calculations prove that there are no effects of relativity at all in the so called experiments of relativistic clock effect.

 3.5 The “250 miles difficulty” in experiments of relativity 

The major concepts of relativity about space- time, which have  been confirmed by academics as a classical truth, surely can not  be accepted when based on those rough verifications of experiments and having no reliability and no strict math-physical logic. Actually relativists know clearly that there is a lot of contra-evidence of relativistic theory, for example the 250 miles difficulty that the Canadian physicist Radir posed, i.e. the results of all experiments with velocity v = 250 mile/sec disagree with all their theoretical calculations of relativity. 

3.6 The great achievements of relativity and its false experiments 

    At that time Einstein lived, it was impossible to know that light matter existed in universal space; How would light be propagated in universal space? Was there any medium or carrier for light? As a scientific explorer he assumed something to explain some light phenomena and believed that light propagates in a vacuum without any medium or carrier and that light is pure energy and so on. But he finally doubted that his theory might be wrong just before dying, showed his great personality and attitude towards seeking the truth from facts.

It can be understood why people were greatly excited by the theory of relativity, because of the idea by which time and the space could be bent by the action of mass. So there existed the starting point of time, the starting point of space and the time stopped area; 1.5x1010 years ago. All of  time and space, as well as the mass-energy of the Universe were concentrated on a projectile-like small region. According to Einstein’s theory it may be possible to go back in time or travel into the future. However to confirm something as truth it should be on the basis of reliable evidence, experiments and strict logic and not depend on the beautiful ideas that it may be possible to move in time and space. 

3.7 Starting the research on the nature of light, matter and fields. 

Of course physics at present requires us to research the nature of light; to learn how light propagates in the form of  wave particle duality i.e. its mechanism of light propagation. As a matter of fact we have taken a long time to research this and found at last that there exists really a  original particle of light matter but it isn’t the photon quantum hn. I call it WG as mentioned below. The light matter WG puts forward possesses gravitational character. Its level of mass order is 3.6 x 10-42 g. which fills up all space in the universe and permeates in the micro world between elementary particles. So there must exist the macro pressure effect of light matter. The calculated results perfectly agree with the strength and the short-range character of the strong interaction. After further researching the character of the light matter in free space, we find that the photon quantum is a phenomenon of wave-particle interference in space filled with the light matter WG. It's a kind of standing wave in mathematical form. Certainly it has been confirmed by the discovery of “dark matter”. The nature of the photon quantum hn (n can get the value from 0 to infinite) has been found as a certain quantity of WG that the object system emits or absorbs when the system is stimulated. The character of WG determines the value of h and the value of n, which is determined by the relations of “Schrödinger” equation of the object system.

  Obviously the matter character and the mechanism of light propagation were real puzzles to the scholars in Einstein’s era. They assumed that light is pure energy to amend the basic concepts about the mass and the energy of previous physics so as to fit the mathematical form of relativity. Relativists assert that the mass and the energy are exchangeable with each other. The mass can disappear and that corresponding pure energy could be created immediately; or that certain energy could also be transform to the corresponding mass. Any physicist knows that light possesses some major characteristics that some normal objects possess such as light pressure and impulse. In spite of these facts relativists still insist on the concept that light is pure energy...

  Certainly, they have their right to believe in relativity or any other theory as  being a classical truth. But surely we must insist on the basic physical principles. We must check if the facts and the evidence of this great theory are proved, trustworthy and realistic. However most of the relativists have usually shown the attitude of trusting and not that of scholars  who should have questioned and examined the evidence when  learning  and commenting on theories. This would have given me more confidence to know the scientists in the domain of physics   were looking to find the nature of light matter and the mechanism of light propagation and find the nature of various field matters and the essential mechanisms of those interactions.  

3.8 Brief introduction about the WG theory 

This paper presents the completed research of WG theory as follows. Perhaps some of my results in this very important physical domain are important and will catch the attention of relevant academia. 

(a)        The photon quantum is a phenomenon of wave-particle interference in the “dark matter”. It’s a kind of standing wave of the wave-particle interference in mathematical form.

(b)        The “dark matter” is made of the original particle of light matter so-called the WG with mass order of 3.6 x 10-42g (* Notice1. the evidence attached) and possesses gravitational property. There must exist the macro pressure effect of the cosmic “dark matter”. The calculation results perfectly agree with the strength and short-range character of the strong interaction.

(c)        All elemental particles are made of the light matter WG  (* Notice2. the evidence attached). By regarding the conditions mentioned above, a math-physical model of stable elemental particles can be made. The “micro black hole” has only three stable states of the mass and the scale, being set in the dynamical equilibrium with the universe by absorbing and emitting light matter WG, corresponding to the proton, electron and neutron.

(d)        From the principles above, a model of the essential mechanism of electromagnetic interaction has been made. Meanwhile the three mean electromagnetic experimental laws have also been derived theoretically. Therefore, we can understand clearly why the electric charge is quantized.

(e)        As to the reasons of “big bang”, it seems more reasonable that there was a contracting system caused by the interaction of the gravitational force before the “big bang”. According to the WG theory, when the density of the mass of the system reached a critical value there was no interaction mechanism of gravity and the “big bang” happened finally.

[*Notice1. The theoretical mass value of light matter WG (3.6 x 10-42g) has been confirmed by Feinbertg’s observation of pulsar 1969 (the observation value in 10-44g and by Debroglie’s observation of binary system 1940 (the observation value in 0.8 x 10-39g).


 (1). All particles and antiparticles can be annihilated into the state of light energy.

(2). All kinds of matter have the same form of energy in all Smc² that equate to total energy when matter transforms into light state.

(3). All macro or micro objects have the same gravitational property.