Chapter 15


15.1 Retrial of the essence of light and its relationship with the modern physical theory

      When looking back on the developing history of physics, we find that the dazzling, perfect mathematics and theoretic accomplishments initialed by great experimental discoveries would always bring comments like “Maybe we have been closed to the ultimate law of nature”. Facing physical achievements, which are both the result of extensive knowledge and profound scholarship, it is not easy to grasp the gist of them.

      In this paper, I have discussed some basic problems, for example, the nature of light and its mechanism of propagation; to try to discover what are electricity and magnetism and why electrical charges interact with each other. These problems are concerned with the truths and universal knowledge of scientific theory in modern physics. The reason is obviously, modern physics theories are all established on the assumption about some of the properties of light. On the other hand, I knew nothing about the essential mechanism of light propagating. Should we accept all of the conclusions given by these theories, or only these in a practical region confirmed by experiments?

      Based on related calculations made in my research and some experiments, I conclude, that strong interaction is produced by macro effect of light matter in this present universe. It is not produced internally in a particle as suggested by previous scholars. According to my theory, those calculations giving the strength and short-range character of strong interaction agree with all of the experimental data completely. Furthermore, I have derived a series of mathematical formulae and discussed some essential principles, such as the constituent and formation mechanism of stable particle; the essence of quantization of electric charge and the derivation of electromagnetic experimental laws.

      I had suspected that if my results were wrong and thought questioning by some of the greatest internationally accepted academics, greater knowledge would be gained. However, the fact, which stimulates me, was that the reputation of Einstein has made almost all scholars believe that light is purely energy.  This being the case how can I expect them to construct the substantial macro celestial bodies and the micro world?

 15.2     The grand unified theory.

It is true that the “WG” theory indeed uses only one kind of particle and one interaction (universal gravity) to research some natures such as strong interaction, electromagnetic interaction, as well as the existence and mass constitution of stable particle.

      The greatest contemporary physicist S. W. Hawking said: “I described the part of gravity theory, i.e. the general theory of relativity, and part theory of weak, strong and electromagnetic interactions. The latter three theories can be confined into the so called the grand unified theory (GUT). It is not a satisfactory theory, because it has not included gravity, and cannot produce the different mass for different particle theoretically. It must be selected by hand to Suit observable. Furthermore he continues, “Comparable similarly, there exist some seemingly false statements concerning infinity in other parts of theory relating to infinity. However in all cases, infinity can be cancel by the so called renormarization procedure, the latter is concerned with other infinity.” As is well known, such a procedure is questionable in mathematics. The renormerization procedure implies that the practical value of mass and strength of interaction cannot be predicted theoretically, but must be selected by hand to suit the observable. This indeed is a serious defect.

      Unfortunately such an approach and logical method were also used in some “Super-gravity theory” and “Super-string Theory”.            

15.3 “WG” theory and the principle of introducing complex expression for wave function

      In this paper, I have only preliminarily constructed the system and frame to deal with stable “Basic body of particles” problem. After I intend to study the non-stable “Basic body of particles”, which will cover a larger region of particle physics. Because the static method of “WG” theory is indissoluble with quantum mechanics, it can be included in this region with out a problem. The reason for this is that “WG” theory provides mathematical proof to solve this problem while Schrodingers equation requires a complex expression for wave function to match the calculation and experiments, and provides for it a rigorous mathematical derivation. Here I would like to introduce briefly the principle of the relative number property.

    We usually define on a numerical axis an arrow as positive to specify the positive and negative as shown in Fig. 15-1(1). Mathematics in general requests a complete and sufficient form of solution. If I define the opposite direction of x-axis as positive, this is equivalent to the former Fig 15-1(1). To distinct the latter from I add i on to the latter as in fig. (l5-1(2)). Furthermore I can add i to any number in system 2 to distinct it from a number in system 1. 

      Definition: the transformation from system 1 to system 2 is named as (-i) transformation, and a factor –i is multiply on all numbers of system 1. Similarly, the (ý) transformation is a transformation from system 2 into system l and factor i is multiply to all numbers of system 2. The meaning of i2 = -1 is transform i in system 2 to system 1, i.e. i transformation, so i (i)= -1 

Fig. 15-1

wpe26.jpg (3971 bytes) 

      It is not too difficult to verify that in the complex number realm, the mathematical rule satisfies the mathematical rule of the relative number property principle. The unique worth of this is that it is a correct and convenient method to deal with some problems, which required a mathematical whole solution (complete solution), and the problems that require two or more independent coordinates to deal with the composed system etc.

      Considering a space filled with “WG ether”, to calculate the density of light in the WG ether space, there are two parts that must be taken into account:

  1. The contributions from “WG” pulse particle currents in standing wave form
  2. The contributions from the “WG” ether wave in standing wave form

     Certainly, the complex number (or relative number property) expression is complete.

      There is no need for reticence, in that my approach also has concern with the sensitive problems. That if the “indeterminate principle” should be restricted in application and derivation, and the problem related to the essential reason of the appearance of the infinity in particle physics researching using relativistic quantum mechanics. I hope to publish as early as possible the continuation of this paper.