In this synopsis of Professor Tong Zhengrongs theory, he reveals with evidence that the theory of relativity is flawed. His own theory which he has called the WG theory solves all the problems related to relativity at a precision level of more than 10-12 . It also proves with evidence that...

l        Light propagates in the medium called Dark matter.

l        Strong interaction result from the macro pressure effect of Dark matter.

l        Dark matter as well as all elementary particles is composed of a type of original gravitational particle.


The WG theory also answers some important problems associated with modern physics such as...

l        Mass-energy.

l        A model of stable particles.

l        The mechanism of electromagnetic interaction.

l        The essence of light propagation.

l        The intrinsic origin of the “quantisation of electric charge.

 Using simple language to enable a wide range of people to read and understand his theory. Professor Tong has dared to question if Einstein’s theory is true and why for many years academics have accepted Einstein’s theory as a classical truth without a study of any evidence that supports this famous theory. 

Professor Tongs study of this subject has been ongoing for over thirty years. He was as a physical research professor and the Director of the Basic Physics Research Department of the D.R.I. in his homeland China. His book <Dark Matter ·Strong Interaction ·Micro Black hole> a Chinese edition was published by < Shanghai Science and Technology Literature Public Society> in March 1996 “SBN-7-5439-0823-9/0.106 1996.3”. In November 1996 he presented some of his findings to the National Physical Conference of General Relativity and Astrology Gravity Associations in China.