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The abstract of the book Dark Matter Physics

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by Prof.Tong Zheng-rong


Dark Matter Physics in Chinese version is a system physics theory that has our country independent discovery right, involves the modern physics innovation theory system, its research has given a series of significant conclusions. This book has studied the physical phenomena such as light, electricity, and electromagnetism, the material base of physical interactions, as well as its physical properties of space existence. This book has clarified thoroughly the physical mechanism of interactions among light, electricity and electromagnetism.

The predecessor of ¡°Dark Matter Physics¡± is ¡°gravitino WG theory¡±, which elaborates that there is one sort of ¡°basic gravitino¡± (i.e. WG) in the material world. A large amount of physical experiments and physical facts proved that this sort of ¡°basic gravitino¡± is the dark matter in the space, as well as the compose matter of all fundamental particles that nowadays physics has studied and found.

What is worth mentioned is the famous experiment that found dark matter by Switzerland astronomer Ziviky, and the physical fact that positive and negative electronic annihilate into light matter. Scientists have discovered that almost all particle has its anti-particle, the positive and negative particles annihilate into light is a universal phenomenon. Most powerful evidence is nothing better than the following simple fact: both macroscopic and microscopic matters all have gravitation ¨C the most universal characteristic¡­

The study found the method to determine the mass-energy value of the "basic gravitino", and gave the theoretical value that is mW = 3.636 x 10-45 kg. It complies with the experimental values from the detection of free particles in space that observed by¡¾De Broglie¡¿ to ¡°Double Star¡± and ¡¾Seal Berg ¡¿ to ¡°binary pulsar¡±.


Research on the "Dark Matter Physics" gives a following conclusions:
I. Strong interaction originates from the pressure effect of dark matter in overall Universe. And there is a value relationship between the Universe mass, the mass of basic gravitino and the strong interaction.

Under this model the intensity of the strong interaction is Mu times of the gravitational force between particles (Mu is the total mass of the universe), which satisfies the actual interaction of strong interaction intensity. At the same time, it indicates that the conclusion that the strong interaction exists inside the particles is a kind of misunderstanding.

Dark Matter Physics discusses the following situation with sizable length: is it possible that the "basic gravitino" WG condensation ¡°the fog grain¡± is separated out under the strong pressure of dark matter as a whole in the universe? This book also studies a similar "droplets" in the saturation of gas; gives ¡°the mathematical model of fundamental particle stable state¡± and ¡°the dynamic balance equation¡±:

I0 = I = ANdW2         

In the discussion, we derived the concept of ¡°Basic Body¡± of the steady-state particle (B Body), proved the unique existence of this ¡°B body¡±. The model gives directly the three stable states of ¡°Basic Body of the steady-state particle (B body)¡± which correspond to protons, electrons, neutrons respectively. This conclusion has been proved by all the particle collision experiments and really involves the cause and mechanism of the stable existence of matter.


II. Physical properties of the "basic gravitinoWG" in all Universe space.

Gravity is a basic property of WG, but the direct gravitational force between particles is too weak to aggregate to larger particles. WG belongs to the elastic granule category. However, the space dark matter WG has the following unique properties:

1. The gravitational superposition arising from the ¡°basic gravitino WG¡± in all over the universe results in space WG pressure.

2. The average speed of the ¡°basic gravitina WG¡± has the equivalent magnitude with the speed of light. (1. And 2. corrected the fatal error of the classical ¡°ether¡± theory)

3. as the stickiness of ¡°the basic gravitino WG¡± is very small, under tremendous pressure in the WG, has the greatly strengthened field function effect..

4. The mass density of ¡°basic gravitina WG¡± in space is very small magnitude of 10-28G/cm3, for non-high-speed state of the moving object, the role of the media material is very small. However, it has a great amount of density, in the space of 1 Egyptian diameter's spherical shell surface, the WG hit number of times of the magnitude in 108-14/seconds. (That has solved the possibility of the interaction among light, electricity and electromagnetism.

5. WG has more strong permeability than a neutrino.


The unique properties of WG above guarantee the wave-particle of light speed dissemination in standing wave. It is the WG fundamental research electromagnetic field function theory derives the important basis of the three big electromagnetism experimental law.


III. The light is a spreading state of "dark matter" in a wave, particle interference, a standing wave in the mathematical form.


The light source being exited generates the WG pulse beam. These particle beams go into the surrounding WG matter that should cause corresponding fluctuations. The frequency of the fluctuations should be related to the nature such as the speed of pulse beams, energy, etc. Meanwhile, fluctuations will inevitably counteract to the light source which forces the light source to excite the WG beams in forced oscillation co-frequency. With the mathematical methods, this is the typical standing wave state of the wave-particle interference. Clearly, the energy of light is discontinuous; it has all the wave characteristics and the particle physical properties. For example, light momentum and light pressure. The energy of light depends on the frequency of light. So far this is the best theory to explain wave-particle duality of light. In a book of Dark Matter Physics, we explained the ¡°photoelectric effect¡±, ¡°polarized light experiment¡± as well as ¡°Michelson¡± experiment and so on in terms of mechanism.


IV. The ¡°Basic gravitino WG¡±- its fundamental equation as below:


One team of the domestic authoritative scholars has performed mathematical-physical analysis for the theory of ¡®WG constituting the Universe¡¯. They concluded that "with WG solution, we could really solve the problem of dark matter universe". For more information, see Dark Matter Physics in 11.1. ¡®WG star; the mathematical-physical analysis for ¡®WG constituting the entire universe¡¯.


V. This theory first studies qualitatively and quantitatively the material base of electromagnetic field interaction and the action mechanism. It provides the theoretical deduction for three major electromagnetism experimental law. External radiation frequency from "Particle basic body" (B body) should be divided into two major components, one as the vibration frequency ¦ÍB from the center of mass of the "B body"; Second, the radiation frequency ¦Íw from the WG cloud outside the nuclear of the "B body". Obviously the frequency radiation from the center of mass is much lower than the orbital frequency of WG, they have completely different spectrum, and ¦Íw >> ¦ÍB. With comparing the proton body and the electron body concretely, the proton body's external radiations are mainly the ¦Íw, which is called the high frequency body; but the electron body's external radiations are maily ¦ÍB, which is called the low frequency body. Electric interaction is attributed to the dynamic effect under the resonate principle between the different frequency bodies or between the same frequency bodies. Electric charge quantization essence, ¡°Coulomb's law¡±; "Gauss Law"; "Biot - Sha Cutting Law" naturally derives under the above premise.

About magnetism, in this theory the conclusion is the WG absorption or the release field and the spatial WG whirlpool complex field, the related experimental laws also could be derived from the theory.


VI. Quantum mechanics wave function introduces the mathematical principle and its material base in complex number form.


The physics significance of Quantum mechanics wave function under the ¡°gravitino WG theory¡± is the research for the light intensity contribution to some selects P in the space. The calculation includes two parts:

1. The intensity contribution of WG pulse grain of class under standing wave shape.

2. The intensity contribution of WG ether wave under standing wave shape.

Refer to Dark Material Physics in 15.2 ¡°relative number principle¡±, we naturally introduce the wave function in the complex number form.


Dark Matter Physics also includes: ¡°The following-up principle about media system of the light dissemination¡±; ¡°The paradox that atomic system is stable but it¡¯s electron orbital probability movement inevitable radiation electromagnetism energy ceaselessly¡±; Light dissemination and The ¡°Doppler effect¡± related of the propagation distance. . . Here is not described in detail one by one.


I hope that the related conclusions in the book of Dark Matter Physics would be some value to experimental physics, and let us have the space in the world physics forum. With the country scientific research institution leadership and the general physical colleague cooperation, we wish to make the proper contribution for our country's construction undertaking.



Reference: China Science and Technology Entering the World, China Science and Technology Press  ISBN 978-7-5046-5663-6/G.538


Tong Zheng-rong , Research Prof.

Shanghai Branch of International Technology and Economy Institute of State Council of the People¡¯s Republic of China